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  • Florida Not on the New Year’s Eve Last Minute Deals Search List

    In December, while bitter cold settles across the northern half of the USA, it’s nice and toasty here in The Sunshine State. And as Christmas passes and New Year’s Eve approaches, online searches for last minute deals on flights and hotels spike according to a recent Think with Google study. Last Minute Deals on Holiday […]

  • Last Minute Deals on Air Charter Service Key West

    Last Minute Deals on Air Charter Service to or from Key West We heard recently that no one really ever wants to leave Key West. I believe that. Those sunsets, that beautiful blue water, that laid-back casual vibe… Who wants to say good-bye to that? More often, folks want to get off The Mainland and […]

  • Finding an Empty Leg Flight

    Looking for an empty leg aboard a private jet, corporate class air charter aircraft or air taxi plane? Last minute deals on charter flights are easier to find when you know where to look. Empty Legs are flights aboard certificated air carriers that are empty and flying to a specific destination. When an empty leg […]