Why Fly Air Charter

Business travelers and corporate executives seeking options to commercial airline transportation and high-priced jet charters have alternatives. When airline schedules are inconvenient, when seats are overbooked or there is no commercial service to the city you have business in… When private jet travel just doesn’t make sense or when you need to be back in the office as quickly as possible, fly Skymax.

Commercial airlines have made many changes over the past several years. Direct flights between cities across the country have been canceled, specific routes eliminated and the number of scheduled flights between cities has been reduced. The cost to business travelers, however, has only increased.

On-demand airplane charter using multi-engine and single piston aircraft – air taxi service – is a flexible, time-saving alternative to driving – no matter where you are in the world.

Rent an Airplane with a Professional Crew

“On-demand charter service is defined as the rental of an aircraft and flight crew for a specific trip.” – Kaps, Gardner, and Hartung. “air charter the business airline of the future… but does the business traveler know” It is similar to hailing a taxi for a single trip. You do not have to invest your cash to own the airplane or employ the pilots.

The charter operator provides the airplane, fuel and crew.

The party chartering the plane pays a fee based on the point-to-point route plus any extras such as aircraft waiting time and crew expenses if the airplane cannot return immediately to its home base.

Flexible Travel, Together, on Your Schedule

When you charter an airplane, your group or office travels together on the same airplane, to the same destination. The airplane is chartered on your schedule so it leaves when you need to leave. And it waits for you until the time you scheduled to return. There are no other passengers on the plane when you charter. It is a “private flight,” for you and your group.

skymax cessna available for air taxi

Chartering an airplane provides customized air transportation based on your needs.

  • You travel point-to-point to any airport. There are no connecting flights to miss or wait for.
  • You decide where to go. You can leave from one airport, stop at another to meet a business associate or drop off a package. From there you can return home or continue to another airport. An air taxi service will take you where you want to go.
  • You decide when to go. Unlike the airlines, the airplane flies on your schedule.

Gain Flexibility, Make Best Use of Your Time and Save Money with Air Charter and Air Taxi Services

Airline schedules are inflexible. Traveling for business, to a meeting or event or even shipping needed parts happens on the airlines schedule. The failure rate of airlines costs business travelers more than the dollars spent on the tickets.

And driving across the country?

Fly private and gain flexibility by making your own schedule.

You and your office may not have a need to travel consistently. Perhaps you only fly a few times a year. Buying into a fractional ownership scenario or owning your own airplane may not make financial sense. The out-of-town meeting you and your associates are attending may be extended. When that happens, the cost of the business trip increases with the addition of more airline tickets, hotel rooms and extra meals away from home.

Fly Air Charter and save money by utilizing professionally maintained aircraft and professional trained crew on-demand, when you need us.

There are hundreds of airports in The United States but less than a handful are served by the airlines. Between the traffic congestion at major airports and the driving distance to these transportation hubs, the time spent driving is significant. That time is better spent with family, meeting with Clients or working back at home or the office.

Take an air taxi and save time with same day travel to less congested airports.

Inflexibility costs business travelers time and money – whether airline schedules, sold out seats, underserved routes or out-of-town meeting dates and times.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of chartering an airplane, then, is flexibility.
When two or more people are traveling together, chartering makes the most sense. You and your group can fly to any airport on your schedule, giving you more control and saving you time.