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  • Additional Aircraft Available for Air Charter to The Bahamas

    This well-appointed Beechcraft Baron 58 is available from Skymax for air charter to The Bahamas and destinations throughout the Southeastern United States.

  • Getting in and Out of Your Tour Planes

    Jaynee in Washington State called to ask… how easy (or difficult) it is to get in and out of our airplanes. She and her husband wanted to take a sightseeing flight but his back sometimes bothered him. Since explaining the process is more difficult that showing her how to get in and out, we told…

  • Vote for Your Favorite Airplane Paint Design

    Calling all airplane fans… We need your help! Vote for your favorite airplane paint scheme!

  • 135 Certification Update – Skymax Begins Air Charter Service

    We are now available for air charter service throughout the 48 contiguous United States! Yesterday was a whirlwind of activity as we received notice that our Air Carrier Certification was complete. The final requirement was to review and sign the Operations Specifications (“OpSpecs”), which outline in detail what we are and are not authorized to…

  • A Little Business at the FSDO

    We’ve got some business down at the South Florida Flight Standards District Office this afternoon. I’m heading down to the South Florida FSDO. Wish me luck! #skymax #operating135 — Valerie Lynn (@vallynn_) November 14, 2013

  • Part 135 Air Charter Certification Update

    Getting an Air Charter Certificate in South Florida takes time. Via email this morning, our Principal Operations Inspector told us our Certification Package is being reviewed by a Frontline Manager at the South Florida Flight Standards District office. We’re almost there! As of this writing, it has taken almost three years for our air charter…