Vote for Your Favorite Airplane Paint Design

Hey Aviation Fans! We need your help… our happy designers… no wait – we don’t have airplane paint scheme designers… Bob and I have been hard at work with designing a paint scheme for the Cessna Cardinal.

These are the finalists. Help us choose a winner! Is it number 1 or number 2?

vote for skymax new airplane paint design

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20 responses to “Vote for Your Favorite Airplane Paint Design”

  1. Tomy and Diane (Hank's daughter) Avatar
    Tomy and Diane (Hank’s daughter)

    We like #2 best. It stands out more !

    1. Valerie Lynn Avatar
      Valerie Lynn

      Thanks Diane and Tomy!

  2. Greg Smith Avatar
    Greg Smith

    Val, Go with #1. Looking forward to seeing the new paint scheme when you visit Million Air Orlando at SFB. Greg Smith

    1. Valerie Lynn Avatar
      Valerie Lynn

      Awesome Greg. We’re looking forward to visiting your revamped FBO and seeing you again. (Go NAVY!)

  3. Pamela Olson, King Schools Avatar

    The Red Tail for the Tuskegee Airmen

    1. Valerie Lynn Avatar
      Valerie Lynn

      Awesome Pamela. Thank you for voting! Noted and tallied!

    1. Valerie Lynn Avatar
      Valerie Lynn

      Woot! Thank you Stacey!

  4. Marcia M in Victoria Avatar
    Marcia M in Victoria

    # 2 for sure, love the red tail!!!
    Marcia in Victoria.

    1. Valerie Lynn Avatar
      Valerie Lynn

      Marcia!! I appreciate your comment here! Thank you!

  5. Denny Pinkerton Avatar
    Denny Pinkerton

    #2 seems to standout best to me, but please remember that I’m color blind.

    1. Valerie Lynn Avatar
      Valerie Lynn

      Very funny Denny! In the interest of fairness, I cannot provide my preference until the end. But I’m having fun with Bob on this. As you can imagine, we have a slight difference in opinion on this paint scheme! Thank you for choosing.

  6. madelmarv Avatar

    Hi Valerie,
    # 1.

  7. george Avatar

    #2 could probably be and recognized from a further distance…..#1 has a cleaner look
    So, for function…#2

  8. Stephen Carner Avatar
    Stephen Carner

    Go with #1. Less weight, more drama.

  9. Dust (@DustDaRapper) Avatar

    I like number #2
    Planes are usually white by rule-of-thumb. So I definitely dig #2 because while the front end keeps that traditional glossy white look that we all love to see on planes. The color scheme on the back compliments the plane as a whole while giving it an elegant finish. Also the all red tail and the inverted white for the name is the icying in the cake. And I LOVE me so cake with icying!! !

  10. Kathy & Barry from the UK Avatar
    Kathy & Barry from the UK

    Number 2 – more unusual and the name stands out more

  11. Christ - ian Avatar
    Christ – ian

    # 2 , the dred-ed RED Tail

  12. Howard Avatar

    Hi Val,
    I would choose #2. The Skymax lettering stands out more and is easier to read.. Just for an added visual aspect, consider having someone draw Skymax up with a forward slant and Black shadow lettering to see if you like it better. It gives it a 3D effect.
    Have a great Weekend!!!

  13. Ariel Avatar

    Hi Val, Scheme 2 would be more visible in the air. Safety first

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