Hello 2016: New Air Charter Service Options

skymax air cargo and air charter piper navajo

Out with the old and in with the new!

Piper Navajo for Air Cargo and Passenger Air Charter Service

We are pleased to offer you this Piper Navajo available for air charter travel to The Bahamas and throughout Florida. Fly privately in this comfortable, commuter-configured aircraft with seven passenger seats and air conditioning.

Traveling for business? Bring your office with you. We fly medical lab personnel, architects, attorneys, builders, real estate developers and high-profile public officials. Call Skymax for your next business air charter.

Cargo Charter Service

This versatile airplane can also be configured for air cargo service. We are available for your time-sensitive last-minute air cargo charter flights. Give us a call when you need to move aircraft parts, freight, stranded baggage and lost luggage.

Seafood Purveyors and Chefs: We have limited, short-term cold storage available for your perishables when you ship your air cargo with us.





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